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Like many people, we enjoy playing videogames, especially the ones where there is a solid storyline to follow and some mystery to solve.

Videogames world have changed a lot and so far being the players was the only choice. That it start changing now and thanks to The Sandbox we had the chance to become creators.


We are not developers nor we can write a line of code, actually our job was completely different, but thanks to The Sandbox Game maker where is not necessary typing code to create an experience, we have started diving in what means create a game starting from scratch.

Understand how to create certain effect, setup a quest that should starts when determinate condition happens in the game and see that actually works in the way we intended, well is priceless.

It’s a complete new world and a very long journey and we are still learning.


So we have put together our game experience as players and start create our first fantasy/mediaval videogame for The Sandbox Metaverse; in our videogame players will find a well mixed of action, quest, parkour and a fantastic stories that the player will not want to leave pending.

This is just part of the story on how two guys start their journey with The Sandbox, the rest of the story still need to be written, but we bet it will be fun!

The Team



Voxedit and

Game Maker

creator, PR,



Game maker creator and designer, photography
and music.

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