Even we always have been fascinated by the videogames, like many people, we just enjoy to playing amazing videogames created by the many company around the world.

The videogames world change a lot and it's still change, as people that start play with computers prior the first 286 PC, we see how graphics and game  play evolve. Right now coexist people who like high level detailed videogame and, at the same time, play with very basic graphic videogame from their smartphone and  this  it's  truly  amazing,why?

Well, because people it's more open minded and can appreciate many different kind of videogames at the same time. Exactly  in this  conjuncture  we come in play.

With people that like almost any kind of games, we could enjoy once more the videogames world but, this time, standing in the other side of the screen.

Thanks to the amazing opportunity that The Sandbox Games offer, we could become Games Creator and start to develop our own games.

So we put all together our game experience as players and start to create entertaining videogame for The Sandbox  Metaverse; in our video game players will find a well mixed of action, quest, platform, puzzle and fantastic stories that the player will not want to leave pending.

Enter to our dream and dreams with us.

The Team



Voxedit and

Game Maker

creator, PR,



Game maker creator and designer, photography
and music.

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