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The Uplift it’s a growing metaverse based on the famous Minecraft game, there are many servers such Genesis, Londom, Chik'in Ka'ah , Upluft and more, some of them are creative servers, where land owners have build and are building amazing creations, like the one you can visit in Genesis,
here is where we build our own creations.

To see them you can check our gallery here
Here you can see the Genesis map from the top.
Other servers are dedicated to the survival mode, where player alone or in group can collaborate to survive the many perils they face.
The whole project of The Uplift is based on the WAX blockchain and in the secondary market users can find land key to buy their own piece of land in one of The Uplift server or NFT miners to collect Upliftium, which is The Uplift currency in game.
Upliftium and WAX are the reward that player can get by visiting and look around creative server or by playing in survival servers.
We are building our lands in Genesis to allow others player to come to visit without the pressure that some enemy will come to interrup the tour, so don’t be afraid, come to visit us at the Genesis server at these coordinates:
Be In Dreams land - 3550,4800
Rail South - 3600,5000
Be In Dreams land 2 - 3900,4550
Also if you want to build something in one of the creative server, we do offer the servece to build it for you by following your idea or creating it at our style.
So if you are a land owner ge in touch with us!


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