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An intriguing story 

in a well balanced mix of

explore, collect, combat and platform gameplay, 

that will engage players

till the end. 

All the assets shown have been made with VoxEdit, that is a powerful tool to create voxel art and animated assets. 
From a small hammer to a big gate and more, anything is possible. 
Here part of the assets we create for the Floating Castle game.


King Harold III
The sage and just king
of the Dream realm, he
is the most beloved
by his people who he
guide and defend with
honor and integrity.


Sub commander
Some guards have
corrupted, now
theybecome enemy and
among them there are
this dangerous axe
armed skeletons.



the evil warlock

This malicious
enchanter want to 

eradicate the king's
from the ground
using his 

He will not allow
anyone to interfere 
with t
his plan.


Gargon the skeleton boss

The cruel giant skeleton rule Drakor'sarmy



Gargon the skeleton boss 
The cruel giant skeleton rule Drakor's army. 


Royal King's hall gate 
Always open to anyone, allow the visitor to enter in the majesty hall.



Wood oven 


This big oven can be found in the blacksmith lab. Is used to forge different tools and weapon.



King dinning table 
The main dinning table was left unattended after the castle disorder reach the inner room

Throne guard 
The most loyal and incorruptible order among the guards, they are the personal king's defenders.

superficie blu

King's throne
Any king have his on throne and this is the one that different generations of kings used. 

Another indispensable element of the blacksmith lab, used to melt metal

Animated assets

Throne Guard.png

Static assets