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Have you ever heard about The Sandbox? No? So, let me describe to you what The Sandbox is and why it is one of the lead projects on the new play to earn blockchain game industry.

The Sandbox is a metaverse where people can build their own game experience and assets; no matter if you prefer a platform, a RPG or else, thanks to the Game Maker and VoxEdit, the powerful tools  The Sandbox provides for free, you can immediately start to build your own game and assets.

The game created can be immediately shared in the gallery to allow other players to play, but you will also be able to publish your game in a land you own in the metaverse!

Exactly, The Sandbox is a metaverse where you can buy your own piece of land, build on it, create the assets you want for your game experience or buy some of them from the marketplace and publish your game.

Any assets in The Sandbox is a NFT (non-fungible token) which you own and store in your crypto wallet. Actually to register an account in The Sandbox and store your assets, land and crypto you need to create a wallet; but don’t worry, The Sandbox team created a very complete guide to allow you to understand what a crypto wallet is and how to create each of the 3 supported wallets. To do so check their article here create-a-wallet

Are you excited about it? So don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity and come on board, you can register an account by using our referral link clicking here.

Also, don't miss any news about The Sandbox, their partnerships with many amazing projects, new published game jam, contests and many more, sign to their newsletter here.

Also join The Sandbox by following them in their official socials community and Discord, just click on the icon on the top-right of this page.


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